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Adapt, don’t react. Be proactive. And be agile.

The Covid-19 pandemic created a once-in-a-generation series of supply chain disruptions, the ripples of which we are still feeling—and dealing with—today. Even though the past year was one of uncertainty, we know one thing for sure: pandemic or not, supply chain constantly changes.

Flash to 2021, and many brands still haven’t adjusted. It’s tempting to think—mistakenly—that your business ops will just fall into place over time. Instead, brands need to structure their demand planning process around agility, allowing them to pivot at a moment’s notice.

Our new report, Uniting AI + Human Intelligence for Truly Agile Planning, is a guide to shifting your business toward proactivity and agility. We’ll cover:

  • The exponential power—and limitations—of Artificial Intelligence
  • How on-the-ground-intelligence vitally informs and enables quick pivots
  • The trickle-down effect of AI + HI collaboration

Uniting the forces of AI and HI strengthens your IBP process, increasing forecast accuracy, cross-team flexibility, and the holistic collaboration you need to keep up in today’s world. It's the path forward.